Accountability Groups

Accountability Groups

Over the past year, I have experimented with different ways to run successful virtual accountability groups, and I am excited to open them up to more people!

What I discovered is:
– There is VALUE in accountability groups! They help us set goals, stay on track, work through challenges and celebrate wins, even the ones we don’t realize we had!
– Accountability groups work best when participants attend regularly, as trust and community develops.
– Virtual accountability groups work best when there are 3-6 members.

I am currently putting together groups of people looking for connections and professional accountability. For an annual fee of $75 (scholarships available), I will purposefully place you in a small group and facilitate as you get to know each other and build trust and community. We will work together to create group structure and format, and then, your group takes it from there! I’ll check in occasionally, and will offer additional opportunities to network with the wider community at special work groups and events throughout the year. All groups will start virtually but in-person opportunities will be available as COVID and public safety allow.

How To Enroll:
– Fill out this Google Form indicating your preferences and availability.

– I will send you a payment link for a $10 enrollment fee, which can be applied to the $75 annual dues.

– Once assigned a group, you will receive a payment link for the annual fee, currently $75 per year. Scholarships are available; please indicate on your form that you would like financial assistance.

– The annual fee includes group placement, monthly/quarterly accountability meetings (based on your preference), and additional networking and work sessions. More details in the questions below.