Interim Business Partner

Have you ever fantasized about having a business partner with no strings attached?

As an entrepreneur, community builder and professional communicator, I have broad experience in a variety of roles and industries. I can consult with you on starting a business, strategic planning, vision, collaborative partnerships, business development and networking. Moreover, my expertise allows me to dive into specific operations and plans in industries beyond entrepreneurship and small businesses, like coworking + childcare, physical location openings, childcare and kids programming.

How it works:

$150 for initial 60 minute session(via phone or Zoom)

Customized proposal based on individual needs, with additional consulting support

Pick My Brain

Buy an hour of my time to chat about any of the above, or pitch me where you are stuck and maybe I can help! As an entrepreneur, mom, community volunteer and connector, I know a little bit about a lot of things, and I know a lot of people! I am skilled at determining the challenge, defining next steps and making connections to help move you forward.

$150 per 60 minute session (via phone or Zoom)

Accountability Groups

I am currently putting together groups of people looking for connections and professional accountability. For an annual fee of $75 (scholarships available), I will purposefully place you in a small group and facilitate as you get to know each other and build trust and community. We will work together to create group structure and format, and then, your group takes it from there! I’ll check in occasionally, and will offer additional opportunities to network with the wider community at special work groups and events throughout the year. All groups will start virtually but in-person opportunities will be available as COVID and public safety allow.