So You’re Having Another Snow Day…

So You’re Having Another Snow Day…

Happy First Day of Spring!!

You may be stuck inside tomorrow with more winter weather on the way, but Work and Play’s Early Childhood Program has some ideas for how to engage your kiddos in some simple Snow Day activities!

Here at Work and Play, we enjoy exploring creative uses for simple items and tinkering with “loose parts” or opened-ended materials.

Here are a few ideas to get you started if…

You want to keep it simple:

Create an art area. Fill a box or tray with some simple art scraps.  These could include a 2 or more of the following: newspaper, paper plates, yarn, recycled cartons, tissues, cotton balls, an old box. Add a basket of supplies: markers or crayons, scissors, a glue stick, and tape. Note: The tape will be a favorite, and although much will be used, to be sure, it will not be “wasted”! Gather these at the table or on an old sheet or tablecloth on the floor. Let your child construct, color and engineer Anything in the World! If this activity feels stuck, try a prompt- “I wonder if we could make _____ (fill in the blank) with these materials!” (robots, skyscrapers, masks, maps, flowers, etc).

You’d like to do something special in the kitchen, but want to keep it contained:

It could be a fun day to try a simple recipe. If you don’t want to make food, try out this easy playdough in a bag. You will need: a large ziplock baggie, 2 c flour, 1-2 TB oil, ¾ c salt, and ½ c water.  Pour the water in a large bowl. Add dry ingredients, then oil. Stir, add to the bag, and zip the mess inside! Let your child knead the bag until consistent. Manipulate the dough on a cookie sheet. Stick in any of the loose parts (listed as art scraps above) or make way for new Lego uses!  

You want to get outside, but need to mix it up:

Grab some food coloring and add it to a container of water. Add the colored water to a spray bottle, regular water bottle, or a bowl and turkey baster. Go paint the snow!