Thanksgiving Turkey Boss

Thanksgiving Turkey Boss

Last year around Thanksgiving, my daughter’s kindergarten assignment was to decorate a turkey as a family member, and whom did she choose? Me. She wanted to disguise her turkey as a “Boss, for mommy.” How flattering! How amazing! How wonderful to see myself as this role model for my daughter.

During the workweek, I’m both an entrepreneur and primary caregiver to my three girls, ages 3-6. I created one of the first spaces in the world to combine coworking with childcare, offering a solution to those seeking to balance career and family. Also, I’m “P.I.C.,” parent in charge, between the hours of 8:30am – 6pm, managing the day-to-day logistics and schedules for a family of five.

And in the eyes of my daughter, I’m doing a good job! For she chose to decorate her turkey as me!

It ain’t easy being a turkey. There have been forgotten library books. Neglected birthday party RSVPs. A lack of foresight and time to initiate playdates.

But I guess I’m doing it. I’m not failing. My daughter showed me I’m doing something right. Maybe I’m finally figuring out the right formula of work/life balance. For me, anyway. It’s different for everyone. There’s no easy steps or rules to follow. And when you’re trying to work and parent, you’ll never be perfect at either role. But just know this – in whatever role you choose, you’ll be inspiring and influencing your child. And maybe one day you’ll be a turkey too.

By Deborah Engel

Founder of Work and Play (